09/25/22 - posted by norm
I am surprised that you gents do not know the answer to this mystery. A search in the Vatican library finds a rare copy of the unpublished manuscript of the book The San Francisco That Never Was which provides proof that John Marshall actually discovered gold at the very site of what you call Baker's Beach. The residents of what was to become Sea Cliff were so worried that such news would destroy land values that Marshall was paid to go east to some guy named Sutter's saw mill and drop the gold in the American River and yell Eureka I found gold. The Sea Cliff residents obviously knew what they were doing as look how it turned out for Sutter. What nuggets that were left were eventually picked up by Emperor Norton as he walked Bummer and Lazarus there on Sunday mornings. The dogs left behind their own nuggets as poop bags had yet to be invented. Trust me this is big history at work. Prove me wrong.

Now as for the pizza, give it to Nic for a snack at her Thursday evening poker games in the basement of the Cliff House.
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