09/14/22 - posted by Paul Judge
This evening I was attending a Sonoma County Farm Trails event celebrating the success of last month’s Gravenstein Apple Fair (Next year plan to attend, we'll be celebrating 50 years of sustainable agriculture!). After credit and gratitudes had been expressed and the gala was winding down suddenly the metal door of the Moonlight Brewing Co. went rattling as if slammed by a truck and the ground went a-rollin’ beneath everyone’s feet. Two shocks in quick succession put a thrill and a chill in everyone. I scanned the sky and along with another retired teacher we both proclaimed, “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs”. Within moments people’s cell phones supplied the USGS report that the shock had occurred a mere 3 kilometers away on the Rodgers Creek Fault (In the days to follow we’ll be hearing plenty about the Rodgers Creek & Hayward Faults). It was a good jolt that this Sonoma County crowd, veterans of many floods and too many devastating wildfires, of long drought and of plague took with poise and humor.

Angus and his geology professor have it right - the Wx at the time and place of a seismic event is ‘earthquake weather’. However it has no statistical bearing on the activity beneath the ground. IF you care to ponder that and other myths regarding earthquakes take a gander at this link:


If you care to be aware of the actual frequency and disposition of seismic activity (which is a 24/7 occurrence) here in California and Nevada have a look and bookmark this link:


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