08/27/22 - posted by Terry Weinberg
My first days of school (Lafayette) were never stressful because from the first through the sixth grade the same people were in the class with you or even at the same table. After (Lafayette} everything changed and {Presidio} became more like college with various classes and rooms to walk to, and different people and personalities to contend with. Walking or taking the bus to school was always lonely so it was always important to find a buddy to go to school with. I remember Bruce Fitzell, Sandy Carpenter,Glenn Schott and others who lived within six blocks of my parents house on 48th Ave. behind Playland would be my first stop on my way to school.During those early days 1950's the electric Muni trains would start at Cabrillo and if you had a penny or a nickel it would by great fun to place the coin on the tracks and squash tthe metal so enlarge the size.
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