08/27/22 - posted by Jo Anne Quinn
Thanks, Norm! This is a great question!!
Unfortunately, I have no specific memories, except that the first day of school was always an adventure, and also kind of scary, facing a new teacher and hoping the assigned nun wasn't a "Meanie!"
In grade school, I attended St. Cecilia. I would walk, from my 19th & Quintara St. home up to 18th Ave., round the corner, and pick up my BFF Barbara, and we would trudge down the 6 blocks to school. (A blessed freedom kids no longer have today.) We would bemoan that summer was finally over. Speed was of the essence, so as not to be late...especially on the first day.
And does anyone remember the obligatory essay, "How I Spent My Summer Vacation?"
Walking home was another story. Lots of goofing off, playing hopscotch on the chalk drawings we found along the way, and stopping at Riese's [sp?] Pharmacy (18th & Taraval) to take sneak peeks at the comic books without actually buying them. (The owner-brothers always let the girls get away with this, but NOT the boys!)

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