06/27/22 - posted by Sylvia Foley
I grew up on 6th and Balboa, living there until 1972. Some of my favorite memories are of going to Cinderella's Bakery just around the corner. There was a bar on the corner that us kids would pop into via the side door on 6th Avenue and the daytime drinkers, all old men, would always give us a big hello with a smile and routinely gave us each some pocket change. I'd save mine up, along with money from cashing in soda bottles and get myself a table at Cinderella's where I'd enjoy a warm bowl of Borscht with a dollop of sour cream on top, sprinkled with dill. They made the most savory Piroshki! They also had pastries to die for -- cream puffs, eclairs, Napoleons!! On the corner across from the bar was a drug store where I bought all of my comic books (Little Lotta, Richie Rich and Archie). My best friend Debbie lived above the drug store. Her and I played Chinese jump rope and hopscotch on the sidewalk daily. On the corner across from that was Harold's grocery store. They had a great Popsicle and penny candy selection. It's where we bought our sacks of candy to bring to the double features at the Coliseum on Clement and 9th. A few doors down from Harold's was The Jade Kitchen, a fabulous Chinese restaurant. And across from Cinderella's was Red Boy Pizza. Across the street from my house was Sam's Barbecue. Sam cooked up the best ribs I've ever had to this day. Soft, saucy, falling off the bone, plus yummy potato salad and slaw. What an incredible place to live!!! Oh yes, I went to Frank McCoppin Elementary School on 6th Avenue, between Balboa and Cabrillo. We rode our homemade street coasters down that hill! What a time!
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