• 04/19/22 ADUs in Outside Lands - posted by Holt Macon

04/19/22 - posted by Holt Macon
I have been told that building an additional dwelling unit (ADU) on your property will increase the value of your property up to 50 percent.

Many of us out here in the sunset have these small houses like mine at 1100 square feet.

I would move in a heartbeat because I don't like any of these houses out here especially since all my friends in different cities have homes at least 3000 square feet on much larger lots and in a lot of cases cheaper then the small overpriced houses out here. I don't even know how so many people keep their large dogs in such small houses not to mention with large families.

Though I don't like the houses here, I like the area and the beach and walking on the highway when it is closed and GG park and that fantastic Beach Chalet soccer field as well as all the other conveniences. I haven't found any place comparable to move to, not Stinson Beach, not Bolinas, not Santa Cruise or anywhere yet but if I can add an ADU here, it might help.

So I thought I would get rid of my 90 foot long useless yard and use about 35 feet of it to build a ground floor ADU.

I was wondering if anyone here has ever built or especially recently built an ADU and what the cost would be for a ground floor ADU 35 ft in length and 25 ft wide.

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