03/04/22 - posted by Tim Dineen
I totally understand - and totally support - removing certain historical figures from places of honor.

No, we should not have memorials to the Confederacy or to the Confederate leaders.

Yes, we should look at place names, monuments, schools, whatever, and - with very careful consideration - change or remove the more egregious.

That does not mean we change history. It means we view history with inclusion.

Let's face it. History has always been written by the white men who won the battle or ruled at the time. The pitiful amount of time we spend on history in school doesn't even begin to teach us about the people who lived here before Europeans arrived, still teaches that the Civil War was about "States rights" and completely ignores our own North American genocide.

I went to Lincoln. I had a pretty miserable time there and have never bothered to even think about attending a reunion. My 50th was a couple of years ago. ::yawn::

But rename the school because Lincoln wasn't progressive enough in 1876 for 2020 standards?!? I call a foul.

Washington was one of our biggest rivals. But to cover up those fabulous murals because they actually showed real, honest history?!? That's total sacrilege.

We cannot learn and grow if we don't look at and understand our past.

But we also cannot learn from our past if we assign 21st century standards to every 18th and 19th century action.

These particular school board members were simply not the right people for what we need right now. Their narrow approach and 21st Century standards really negated what they were trying to achieve.

And... for what it's worth... Ya wanna get rid of a name that, in my not so humble opinion, should be forever vilified, look no further than Junipero Serra.
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