02/12/22 - posted by Paul Judge
The new “Posts from the Archives” feature on the WNP homepage resurrected a thread started by Frank Dunnigan 10 years ago this month:
“SF Natives?”. Frank’s post refers to an article by Beth Spotswood but that link is now extinct. Attempts to find that article failed, If you come across it please post it here as reference point.

SF Natives?
02/01/12 - posted by Frank Dunnigan.

"I think being a true San Franciscan is not taking things too seriously.” - Will

“Thus, I take more pride in being a San Franciscan than in being a native over which I had no control.” - Paul Rosenberg

Lofting their experience, opinions, and research more than thirty Message Board participants post their notion of what is a native San Franciscan.
We also hear words from quite a few friends and associates who have since passed away.

There’s great pride claiming one is a native of or from San Francisco. Of course no one’s claim tops the Yelamu Ohlone who were long present prior to European contact. At various rates of ebb and flow people come to replenish and change the place we know and love. Listen here to two podcasts that show the insular fashion of language and how the draw of San Francisco appeals to creative interpretation and innovation.

Outside Lands Podcast Episode 63: “Talkin like a SanFrunciscun” with Woody & David tawk’n ‘bout a mash of San Francisco accents on words and places. (I can relate!)


Outside Lands Podcast Episode 446: Thorsten Sideboard
This week, we are treated to an Oral History with special guest, Thorsten Sideboard, a local Sunset artist.


This discussion highlights the influence and appeal of San Francisco to transplants drawn to its beauty and welcome of artistic talent and innovation. In this conversation between Nichole and her guest I recognize the very same imprints that shaped my appreciation and ‘sense of place’ growing up in the Avenues.
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