02/04/22 - posted by jb
Wow…did I catch a long-winded wave and ride it into the beach-break, derailing my initial train of thought.

I was going to mention the
“Surfer movies at AP Gianini.”

Like Bernstein in Citizen Kane, I saw a young girl there once for a brief instant and I can still, to this day, revive her image with vivid clarity. She had very long sun/lemon juice bleached blonde hair, skin-tight white Levis and the longest painted nails I had ever seen. I can also recall my glossoparalysis as I tried to utter some inane icebreaker that could have surely saved the Titanic.

Did any of you gremmies , Hodads or hotdogs go to those flicks? Saw Endless Summer there and life was never the same.


PS: where is Jimmy G on this…Gallagher, not Garappolo
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