01/27/22 - posted by Denny
Regarding portals and perils: As a 10-year-old kid in the 1950s, I invented a way to use my second-story bedroom window as a portal to the back yard below, going up or down without using a stairway, and without using a ladder. When going up, it involved climbing the back of the house, like a mountain climber, to get from the back yard to my second-story bedroom window, and from there, climbing through the open window to get into the bedroom. Madness, I know, but this is what 10-year old boys do, I guess.

The back of the house was like a sheer cliff, with nothing to grab onto except the window frames, which protruded from the house only an inch or so. That was enough to hold onto and carefully pull myself up the back wall.

Going from the bedroom down to the back yard involved the same method, but in reverse: Open the window, put feet and legs through the window, then lower yourself while grabbing onto any available window frame so that you don’t fall onto the patio.

Why not just use the stairway inside the house? Because that wouldn’t be any fun and wouldn’t be perilous!
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