01/11/22 - posted by Paul Judge
Forwarding a link to a remastered film of San Francisco street scenes from 1940s that
Ray Shanahan brought to attention. Ray wrangles the Playland and Our Memories of It, Facebook site.

Watching this film put me in a mood of a sightseer and provides period historic reference to buildings and establishments.

"Rare unseen downtown San Francisco 1940s in color", [60fps, Remastered] w/added sound
16,348 views Jan 10, 2022


Each viewing of this footage brings different detail or aspect to mind. See what sparks your curiosity.

At 4:50 minutes, Fisherman’s Wharf scene at Taylor and Jefferson there’s a sign on the corner, “Restricted Area, No Photographs”.
This references wartime restrictions on documenting harbor defenses, the movement of ships, troops and war materials destined to battle fronts. That restriction
explains the relatively few (civilian made) photographs of the waterfront exist.

6:40. A very brief segment shot from Sutro Heights overlooking Playland / Great Highway caught my eye because one of Adolph’s
Sutro’s ornamental Civil War cannons located in different position from earlier photographs. It is believed that those cannons were removed
and recycled for materials needed for the war effort.

And who doesn’t shudder thinking about driving a vehicle with manual-shift transmission on steep City hills?

The restorer of this film has also posted other mid-century film restorations of street scenes in towns and cities that are well worth viewing. One wonders about the purpose of filming these scenes. Perhaps they were planned as backdrop for commercial movies? They remain a time capsule for us to appreciate.

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