01/10/22 - posted by Tim Dineen
Parkside Theatre, Parkside Library, Parkside School, Parkside Post Office... Parkside District Improvement Club, People of the Parkside-Sunset... all brought to you by the Parkside Realty Company.

Realty companies have been naming - and renaming - neighborhoods since the beginning of time.

I grew up at 46th & Ulloa - and more often than not, said I was from "The Avenues."

My neighborhood is called The Sunset, the Outer Sunset, and one neighborhood map calls it "Outer Parkside."

And now there's "Pine Lake Park" as a neighborhood that was once part of the Parkside, and "Inner Parkside" as the area east of 19th Ave.

The Western Addition has been carved into a score of "neighborhoods" and Dogpatch has been reabsorbed into Potrero Hill.

In 50 years they'll probably all be renamed, again.

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