01/08/22 - posted by Holt Macon
Everyone I have ever met has referred to the Parkside district as the Sunset or Sunset District. The Parkside is the area south of Quintera Street going to Sloat up to 19th avenue.
On looking this up, it is stated that it is called Parkside because of the great number of parks in the area. The great number of parks being Stern Grove which they divide into 7 or 8 parks and call that one park multiple parks.
Under that form of thought, you could easily divide Golden Gate Park into 100 parks because Golden Gate Park makes Stern Grove look like a puny meadow with a puny lake.
Basically, the area is completely misnamed and not name properly by common usage and needs to be changed.
If I were even to call an area of the Parkside something different than the Sunset then it would begin above Sunset Boulevard at Vicente and go south to Sloat to 19th avenue and then I would absolutely not call it Parkside. The name is way to general for what it is. I would call it appropriately Groveside because the majority of the area is a Grove meadow or valley always commonly referred to as Stern Grove or the Grove. I don't know if there is a more appropriate geological name than that but it has always been referred to as the Grove.
But that is a small area and not really worth name changing because take out the Grove and you really don't have that many houses in the adjacent area.
So unless the people in that area really want that area to be called Groveside, it would be best if the entire area south of Quintera Street be changed from Parkside to the common usage that everyone calls it, the Sunset.
And this can easily be done and should be done.
The Richmond district was always referred to as the Richmond district but technically and legally it was always the Park Presidio district until the people got fed up with the Park Presidio name and in 2007 had supervisor Gordon Mar legally change the name to the name that was always used for it which was the Richmond district.
I know that with all the other problems we are facing with the virus and its economic repercussions, this seems like the last thing in the world to worry about right now but having a consistency in proper usage of an area of a city is less confusing and needs to be addressed and changed for the good of the entire city.
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