12/10/21 - posted by Jo Anne Q
Oh gosh...Now I do remember one story.
As I said, my brother, John J. Quinn, served in the Navy in WWII.
Many years later, in the 70s, I went on vacation in Hawaii. As part of my trip, I visited the USS Arizona Memorial, which was a very moving experience for me. I also purchased two wonderful books about the Memorial (containing many photographs) and the War in the Pacific, and brought them back to my brother as a gift.
I was living in Canada at the time, and he was living in California, so I mailed them after I returned from Hawaii.
I received a nice thank you card from him. A few days later, his wife called and said that when he received them, he fell silent. He went into his study, shut the door, and did not emerge until after dinner.
His wife said that he had the books in his hands, and merely said, "Those were very good. They meant a lot...."
I later found out that those books provided the impetus, years later, to attend a reunion of his shipmates who served on the USS Willard Keith.
I think it gave him some much-needed fellowship and closure....
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