11/29/21 - posted by Tim Dineen
I have to admit I have never succumbed to the Black Friday Shop-a-thon. It probably has more to do with working in hotels and restaurants for so many years - off on a Friday?!? Yeah, riiiiiight.....

One sister, back in the Cabbage Patch craze, stayed up all night to get her kids those damned dolls, and we have friends and relatives back in PA who have hit specific stores at midnight for as many years as I can recall.

Me?!? I need my beauty sleep...

Like Norm, I really don't recall Black Friday as being the frenzied shopping day it has become, but I do remember it being the official start of Christmas. It was the day Santa *really* started making his list and checking it twice.

There was always one trip downtown to the Emporium for the roof rides, and several treks to Stonestown. That was back when the 18 46th Ave was the 18 Sloat and actually went to Stonestown via Sloat.

There was also the five and dime on 43rd & Vicente - name escapes me - that always had great 'perfume' gifts for my mom - and Great Highway Market for a carton of Camel's for pop - none of which had to be purchased on the Friday after Thanksgiving... and no qualms about selling an 8 year old a carton of cigarettes!

Good times, indeed...

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