11/26/21 - posted by norm
So Turkey Day and all its traditions are over except for the week of leftovers. On this Black Friday I begin to think of the shopping that went on up to Christmas itself. I do not recall the Black Friday madness that exists today across the nation back in the day. As a kid all I cared about was that the rides were open on the roof of the Big E and that Christmas vacation was just around the corner. Stonestown became busy, but it was not a zoo until that moment that all the middle aged men finally realized a day or so before the holiday itself that one's wife really should get a Christmas present ...and nothing said "I love you" like a new canister Hoover vacuum cleaner. Of course the gents got still another tie and a clay ash tray for every year while the kids were in elementary school. Well, a an old friend who had a retail shop always said..."Tis the season to make money."
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