Average home price now is 1.6 million here

09/03/21 - posted by Holt Macon

I was going over home prices of the lower Sunset this evening and was quite stunned.

The price for homes is getting really weird out here.

Where are these people getting their money from or are investment groups buying them. Or are businessman from foreign countries buying them. I guess the low interest rates is doing this but still.

This means that if you sell your home, you could probably afford a home in most areas of California especially if you are over 55.

Here are a few recent sales all of which went way over asking.

2087 46th Ave., 3bd, 2ba., $1,710,000.

2263 45th Ave., 3bd, 2ba, $1,685,000.

2258 47th Ave., 3bd, 1ba, 1,120 sq. ft., $1,675,000.

I checked other homes and all of them that are not falling apart have been selling on average for about 1.7 million. Unbelievable. Maybe the fires are driving people to SF because they can't be safe in all those forest cities anymore.

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