08/30/21 - posted by Kevin Brady
Terry's Bunker my wife and I called it, with no windows and outside light provided by day through a narrow strip of glass brick near the door, though I never made it there by day.
As Mr. Cuneen says, a local dive.
Dad brought us there mid nineties after dining down the street at the sea food restaurant (Neptune?).
Dad had become a regular and was well known among the mostly much younger denizens. The owner of the custom shoe shop next door would stop there enroute home and was tight with Dad as they were more contemporaries, Dad being in his mid eighties.
My folks married in 1946, moved first to Ashbury near Haight and Dad would visit Terry's (and the Aub Zam Zam) so he felt an affinity with the place.
The owner's daughter was behind the plank and some of her friends filled the stools and kept the pool table going. She and they were Richmond district natives, mostly from California St around 22nd, 23rd as I recall.
They had a good juke box.
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