08/29/21 - posted by Rick Bellamy
old Terry's lodge or Terry's or whatever they called it at 1368 Irving St. It was called Terry's but I understand that it was on haight street on the 1200 block I believe from 1946 through the 50s I believe it ended up at Irving street in 1969

Did they need to leave haight street because the summer of love inundation of humanity.
It looks like he married a gal in 1961 who lived on 11th Ave so it makes sense that by 69 he would've moved his bar more west.

Ive researched this to a point but have run into a wall. I found the original november 8 1945 liquor license for Terence Boyle.

But I tried to do a history work up on Terry's for my friends on their first venture and I need help from the community

I also need to coordinate a meeting between them and the Sf neon folks because they have someone they know who still has the Terry's lodge neon sign. They were wanting to possibly relight it when they get the ability. They are trying to either call it the lodge or even Terry's lodge again But they are first time business owners so they're eyes are bigger then they're pocket books so we talked about ways to drum up funding.

My question to you is how could I either get you guys too research it or show me how I can get further on my research and the guys name was Terence Boylan and he died in 1984 he was eventually buried and from what it looks like a longtime concord resident.

Then Myles Cyril Callahan owned it for 40 years and died in 2012. After that it became the corner spot which the neighbors were in a huff because they changed the name. But these guys I know, Seth and Kevin, want to restore Terry's history.

I'd like to help them any way I can.

Not sure if you've done bars much as podcasts . Or if it's a not cool can of worms to open as far as topics.

I already helped hockey Haven research it's past. This was to help the owner get a legacy permit. It worked we got them on the legacy list.
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