08/09/21 - posted by Holt Macon
The proposal to keep the Great Highway closed to traffic has failed. It will be reopening to traffic on Aug. 19, ten days from now. The only thing that they are doing is keeping it closed on weekends and holidays.
Everyone will then be converging back to the bike path which is completely inadequate to accommodate the thousands of walkers, joggers, skaters, cyclists and dog walkers. I also hate the rolling up and down that it has every block.
I also have noticed that you could walk on the Great Highway in the dark because the street lights and especially traffic lights carry a long way. This cannot be done on the bike path and the glare of the headlights of cars makes that even more impossible.
In the end, there will still be complaints of too much auto traffic on weekends and they will open it for traffic all week.
Too bad,. It was a nice addition to the outside lands while it lasted.
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