Fifteen-foot bust of John McLaren?

07/12/21 - posted by Kieren McCarthy - kierenmccarthy<at>

Hi all,

I was doing some research on M Earl Cummings, the sculptor responsible for quite a few of the statues in Golden Gate Park including the Doughboy, Indian child playing the pipe, cougar and bear at the 8th avenue entrance, Robert Burns and the John McLaren rhododendron dell statue - and also a park commissioner at the time...

And I came across an SF Chronicle article from 1981 that talked about Cummings and included a photo of him... next to a giant fifteen-foot-tall bust of John McLaren.

McLaren famously hated the life-size statue made of him by Cummings and hid it in the Park's stables. I can only imagine how much he would have hated an enormous bust of him.

But I haven't been able to find any more information about this huge thing? Anyone else heard about it or what's happened to it?

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