08/10/21 - posted by jb
Way cool, Frank. Thanks. I was hoping to see my maternal grandparent’s shul, Anshey Svard on Turk & Golden Gate which moved to 16th & Clement in the early ‘60s. This was the real deal, Orthodox with lots of Russians and separate seating upstairs for the women. We’d attend Rosh Hashana service with them then go to this great Kosher restaurant near by. May have been Solomons.

The place was a ringer for Louis’ in the Bronx, where Michael Corleone whacks Solazzo and the cop and there were bottles of seltzer in the syphon bottles and Manishevitz wine on every table. Chicken matzoball soup aside, the real treat was seeing my Bubby having her annual and only wine spritzer to celebrate the New Year . My grandparents were tea-totalers and what they didn’t drink, my Irish dad more than made up for.

Well, having been most-religious about watching the Three Stooges every afternoon, I was no stranger to the seltzer bottle and once picked it up and sprayed my sister across the table. I caught Hell which I’m sure my mom off-loaded on Yom Kippur. In my defense…I was just doing what those three nice Jewish boys on TV showed me.The defense rested but could not sit down for 2 days; my mom packed a mean right.
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