The wild in the City

06/30/21 - posted by Paul Judge

Local videographer/photographer Mila Zinkova captured this Bald Eagle carrying a good size fish at Lake Merced in San Francisco.

I've seen Peregrine Falcons, Osprey, and a variety of hawks in San Francisco but this is the first Bald Eagle I'm aware of in some time. In recent years Mountain Lions have ventured on short forays into town from wildlands on the Peninsula. Carl Nolte in the SF Chronicle wrote about one roaming Bernal Heights last week. Over the last 10 years Humpback whales have been foraging closer to shore and into the Bay. Nature stakes claim in the City. You can view other wild life and local scenes that Mila has photographed on her YouTube site.

Back in 2006 Angus Macfarlane initiated this thread: OUR WILD KINGDOM,0#msgtitle

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