Re: What are the Covid-19 cases and deaths in Outside Lands

07/03/21 - posted by Holt Macon

Thank you.
I did not even think there were that many cases in this area because you just don't hear about the cases out here. It is a deep dark secret that no one or family wants to be labeled with. So because you don't know, you think it is a lot more safe and secure out here than it really is.
I can't tell you the number of people who have told me that hardly anyone ever got it out here. Several thousand is a lot more than hardly anyone.
Most likely any one of us could have caught it at the Safeway if Safeway wasn't so conscientious about sterilizing everything. Masks or even gloves would not help me because I notice I am constantly touching my face or scratching my noise or hair or could get it on my clothes to catch it from there or even catch it from touching some item. --
I am just glad I decided to get vaccinated though some friends have said the vaccination changes DNA and will cause cancer. I don't believe them so I got vaccinated. I just hope those friends and others who are not getting vaccinated will not catch the super contagious Delta Variant.

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