Re: What are the Covid-19 cases and deaths in Outside Lands

06/22/21 - posted by Denny

I could not find the number of COVID deaths in the Outside Lands either, but by interpolation was able to estimate the number at about 100 deaths.

Cumulative confirmed cases of COVID-19 since the pandemic began, by ZIP Code, as of 6/22/2021:

ZIP Code 94121 (Richmond District): 958 cases
ZIP Code 94122 (Sunset): 1,118 cases
ZIP Code 94116 (Sunset/Parkside): 992 cases
ZIP Code 94132 (Lakeshore/Lake Merced): 862 cases

TOTAL confirmed cases in those four areas: 3,930

As Holt pointed out, the true number of people infected is unknown, and likely much higher than the official tallies. That means the true case rate in these four ZIP Codes is likely higher than the 2.2% mentioned above, but the death rate would be lower if counted against all COVID cases, known and unknown.

Cumulative deaths (citywide) from COVID-19 since the pandemic began: 551 deaths out of 36,945 confirmed cases, which is 1.49% of the confirmed COVID cases, and six-hundredths of 1% (.0006) of the total San Francisco population.

Applying the .0006 citywide COVID-19 death rate to the approximately 180,000 residents of the above four ZIP Codes, that would indicate about 108 COVID deaths in those neighborhoods.

As a percentage, that’s quite low, but still 108 deaths too many. Maybe that explains why many people are still wearing masks while shopping in the grocery store.

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