Re: If you didn't live in Outside Lands where would you live?

07/15/21 - posted by Mary-Ann Orr

Dear Candis,

You express yourself so beautifully - it's always a pleasure reading your messages.

We live in Carmichael - Sacramento County and have been here for 61 years. I think you might say 'We like it here'. Yes, it gets pretty warm at times, but we manage to keep from melting!

We are not out in the country - the house is on a street with neighbors on each side - and we actually know our neighbors and sometimes talk to them! One of the things I remember after moving out of the City was the lack of closeness with our neighbors. Sometimes we would not even see one another for days - weeks at a time back in the City.

I loved San Francisco when we lived there. It's where I grew up and all the childhood "firsts" happened. Manyl of our friends were still there. But I love the more casual life and the Sun and the little bit bigger house and real dirt in the yard, not sand.

I would not change my childhood EVER - and I also would not change my choice of where to live.

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