Re: If you didn't live in Outside Lands where would you live?

06/21/21 - posted by Tim Dineen

I lived in OB (Ocean Beach, San Diego) in 1972. Walked out of our apartment, across the sand, and into the ocean. I was in Navy "A" school at the time, and then while awaiting a new assignment. I loved it.

After Viet Nam, I moved to Tahoe - '76 through '80. Never was bored - there was just too much to do all of the time.

Then my hotel career took off and I was all over the USofA until finally coming home in '89.

I then lived at 40th & Taraval, 9th & Judah, and 28th & Kirkham, before we finally bought our house in San Leandro.

Then it was Philadelphia for the next 20 years.

We made it to Beaverton, Oregon in September 2020 - moved 'cross country and bought a new house during the pandemic.

This is the forever home.

My roots are firmly attached to 46th & Ulloa where I grew up, but the house my parents bought in 1958 for $16,250 is now selling for $1,927,800. I don't think we could afford it.

The city of my youth doesn't exist except in my memories. Hell - the city we left in 1998 doesn't exist anymore.

I love being from San Francisco - the experiences, what I learned, all of the wild and crazy stuff I was exposed to - but it is no longer my home.

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