Re: If you didn't live in Outside Lands where would you live?

06/17/21 - posted by Holt Macon

Well, I have been around different parts of San Diego too, Mission Hills, the Marina area, the hotel Coronado area near the beach, old town area and other than the great weather, I was not that impressed. Maybe it requires another look in more northern areas.
I had two friends who loved Santa Barbara so much they moved down there but if I don't have the freedom to go to a beach or walk on it because of oil tar, then I don't really want to live in such a place. The last time I went down there I did not take off my shoes after walking on the beach and later noticed big tar prints on the rug which I feel guilty about today. Imagine what that would do to your house, though you would surely take off your shoes before you came in.
Northern California is nothing but a match box with inadequate fire departments. With the stories I heard and the melted cars I saw along the roadsides, I wouldn't want to live within a mile of any tree, bush, brush or grass anywhere.
That's why properties are getting more expensive in SF. People don't want to move north for fear of fire because every single year there is a firestorm inferno somewhere up north.
Any fire in SF, you will have a fire department on your doorstep in 5 minutes with teams of other firetrucks there if it is worse.
So yeah, it is going to take a real paradise to move from here. I just wish it wasn't so cold, foggy and windy. I wish we could have long days like now with the sun setting all year long at 9 p.m.

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