If you didn't live in Outside Lands where would you live?

06/13/21 - posted by Holt Macon

If you didn't live in the outside lands where would you live?
I spoke with a Chinese woman today who has lived here 25 years and she said she could never leave. I asked her why and she said because her heart is here.
I thought about that and what she said is true. There is something about living in a place long enough that results in some kind of emotional attachments that makes it very hard to leave.
And wherever I would move to, I think I would get strong emotional feelings to get back here despite the often miserable weather that can make a summer day feel like you are in mid winter.
I certainly have taken vacations but at no place have I seen myself living there permanently.

I have some friends outside San Francisco who are moving to the big Island of Hawaii permanently. For me, that would make it difficult to ever get back here when I would get the impulse to do so.

And what about a California coastline city. I have spent some time in a place, if you can believe, called Ocean Beach, San Diego. It wasn't like our Ocean Beach and I wasn't that impressed though the temperature is warmer and more humid down there. The beaches are always jam packed like Pier 39.

In Santa Monica, I like the third Street Promenade, an outdoor shopping area two blocks from the beach stretching for like 6 blocks and the Santa Monica Pier and Muscle Beach area but the beaches themselves stink. I picked up oil tar on my shoes which I had a hard time getting off. So I could never go to the beach. That was just 2 years ago.

Santa Barbara has oil wells you can see right off the coast which somehow spill oil. It's the same story. You have beautiful beaches but can't go on them without problems.

I spent some time at Oceanside, California and was not that impressed.

Costa Mesa and Newport Beach, not impressed at all.

Surely there has to be a place in Southern California that is as good as the Outside Lands but so far I haven't found it.

By living here, you also have some reasonably close access to other areas like in Marin that I would not want to live at but that I do like that they are all within an hour and a half drive.

Some people like Tahoe. Yes, fine place to visit but eventually I would get awfully bored. I did get bored up there once just staying there for two weeks. And not crazy about icy snowy winters either.

So, if anyone knows of a place that can top Outside Lands as a permanent residence, let us all know.

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