Re: Shriners Hospital

06/09/21 - posted by Jo Anne Q

Frank - your article brought back a special fond memory of the old Shriner's Hospital, which is still seared into my brain.
When I was little (maybe 4 or 5?), my Mom used to take me on long walks, from our home on 19th & Quintara and down 19th Avenue or 20th Avenue. We would then hop the #28 Bus to get us back home. (I suspect it was to wear me out so when I got home, I would take my afternoon nap.)
On one walk, we were going by the rear side of the hospital. There were big windows, so my Mom lifted me up to peek in. There were rows of iron cribs, painted dark green, with the crib rails up. Little kids were in them, dressed in white nighty-type gowns. Some were asleep and others, awake.
A few of the kids saw me peering in the window and waved. I waved back, and also had the dolly I was carrying wave back too, which caused smiles and giggles.
As we headed back to 19th Ave to catch the #28, I asked my Mom why the kids were in "cages." She explained that those were beds which had high bars to keep them from falling out. She said they were in the hospital because they were very sick, and the doctors were going to make them well again, so they could go home to their mommies and daddies.
That night, she told me I must now include the little children in my night-time prayers so God could help the doctors make them well again...
...and I did.

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