Re: Whacky campaign promise

06/05/21 - posted by Candis Smyk Hurlbut

It's late tonite. Actually, now the next day, and becoming earlier. I've had a horrible day, and am trying to relax into a point where I can sleep. Decided go wander into this my now seldom visited site, and discovered some of Frank D's very recent wonderful essays. This one made me smile. My late husband (Roy, for those recent members) introduced me to W. C. Fields. We often joked using Fields references. j. b., I have often smiled and even laughed at the assorted names you have used. Frank, I enjoyed the neon post, as well as more architect info. This one made feel more relaxed. A few more minutes, and I'll brush my teeth and attempt sleep, which possibly may now be more successful. [Oh, a suggestion: The Road To Mandalay (sic?) on West Portal: Possible subject?] Thanks jb, Frank, and all thos who still help me smile no matter what. Peace, Love, and Thanks.

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