Business in the Neighborhood

05/08/21 - posted by JohnK - johnkeenan01<at>

It was a pleasure reading Frank Dunningans Streetwise on Business in the Neighborhood. Great to remember all those old bakeries and shops we frequented in what we call "the good old days". It is not reasonable that he could have noted everyone's favorite spots.

I would be remiss if I did not call out a couple of favorites I had. First is Bucks Market on the corner of 35th and Irving. A great little corner market with a real butcher shop that was famous for its corned beef. It later became a soccer store which I think is now closed.

On the icecream front on Judah was The Big Dipper. A small shop that also made chocolate-dipped bananas that were sold at Playland at the beach as well as many other locations. It was the local spot and also on my News Call Bulletin paper route.

Frank, thanks so much for helping us to remember the great local shops of our childhood.

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