05/17/21 - posted by Tim Dineen
Hi, Jo Anne!

My first recollection of eating at the Cliff House was with my great Aunt Phoebe. Born in 1890, she definitely had an opinion on children being seen and not heard.

It was a silver service establishment, back then, and she was the one who taught us all of those fun social manners - which fork to use, where to place a napkin, to help a lady be seated... She was also the one who brought us downtown to the Fox, Orpheum, Warfield to see the latest first-run movies - always dressed up and well-behaved!

The most fun times, though were when our friend, Sonny, was a bartender there in the '70s. I don't think we paid for 25% of our drinks. Definitely some wild times - and foggy memories!

BTW... once Oregon opens up, we need to meet up! We're about 3 hours from you!
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