04/23/21 - posted by jb
Yes, kudos to Frank for another terrific and informative article. And welcome back Joanne. Nice to see you in the Hood: A hood not so unlike the Cliff House.

Once a bustling virtual neighborhood, the BB seems now reduced to a deserted end of town perched on a promontory point of the WNP website. More modern modalities of Hi-Tech and social media have bypassed our once dynamic interchange, reminding me of so many lost hamlets off of 101.

Like the tumbleweed in Bodie, these posting roll by in an occasional draft with little attention or mention. The banter and flow of days-gone-by now seems weathered and dated, although so well written with fresh passion and earnest inquiry that they read like the ink is still wet

And while it ain’t over till the fat lady sings, on a desolate foggy beach night I can hear Laughing Sal running scales, metering out notes that now may never be exchanged.

Maybe the Hood is ripe for gentrification. Maybe fresh blood and money will roll in and splash fresh paint, hang lace curtains and revive the cyber-real estate that once housed so many. I’m optimistic... but He’ll, I still buy lottery tickets on payday.

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