04/24/21 - posted by Kevin Brady
All hands swore up and down they signaled the alarm. Be that as it may, the third car was the police. All hands escaped, all but two. Escaped? Paint stained wraiths VANISHED up and down the wooded slopes of Sunset Heights.
A car screeched to within a yard of the two as they spun around, red handed, the officers leapt from their black and white.
"I chased you guys off earlier, I ain't cuttin' you loose this time !" said the puffing, red faced officer with orthopedic shoes. (Funny the things one notices at time like this).
"Wasn't us!" we said in unison.
I now knew the Lincoln crew had been there longer and met these men earlier that same night.
"Get in the car!" says he.
"We're covered in paint.", we pointed out politely.
"@#$**!!@##!!!", his voice came from deep in the car's trunk, pulling out a tarp.

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