04/08/21 - posted by Christine Miller
Hi Paul,

Thanks for the kind words! One of these days, I am going to update that article of mine a bit. It is a topic that I still love.
That is amazing that you have a wave motor stock certificate. I wouldn't say it is worthless!
I was thinking of Bill Ferrero when I got the news about Tom. I recall how Bill's death affected him, too.
I was also thinking of Duke, the homeless vet that lived in Sutro Heights Park and acted as the unofficial night guard of the Sutro District . He died on a Memorial Day Weekend, and Tom and I had to inform Duke's friends when they came around looking for him. It was a sad end for a vet. But, over the years, we always reminisced about Duke.
Thank you again, and I hope to meet you sometime in the future when the world goes back to normal!
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