03/20/21 - posted by Christine Miller
Hey David,

Allow me to add a few thoughts, as well. I met Tom years ago when we were volunteer docents for the National Park Service in the Sutro District. We spent a lot of time above the Sutro Baths ruins talking to visitors and, on slow days, just between ourselves.

We both attended many different events in the Sutro District, shared an exhibit table at the Cliff House 100th anniversary party, and watched while the Lands End Lookout was built.

Since I was told of Tom's passing, a lot of forgotten memories about those days and events have come fleeting back. I wrote them down so I wouldn't forget, but when I tried to write some out here, the humorous bits don't quite come out the same.

Suffice to say that, while some of my memories make me sad now, most still make me chuckle when I think of them. He will be missed!
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