I Ain't Lion

01/28/21 - posted by jb

Well, I just popped my Pod-Cast cherry enjoying Nicole, David and John Martini regale us with stories of yore on a journey to the End of the World: Land's End.

And while I've now collected beer barrels of their myrth and information, perhaps what most peaks my curiosity is if Seal Rock is the main attraction at the end of a long toll-road sojourn, why is John Martini making sea lion barks?

It's a known fact, Normie, that seals are relatively mute. Often mislabeled, it is the sea lion who balances balls and claps on command at any zoo or circus worth its assaults. And yet, it is the Spartan seal who gets all the credit and recognition.

How do I know this? There is a Pt. Lobos down the road here in Monterey whose name was a misgiving by Spanish explorers who, blinded by the dense fog, believed the bark of the sea lions to be wolves (lobos in Espanol)

So, I am left with two questions:
1) Are there truly seals on Seal Rock or just those interloping faux-lobos?
2) Where did John Martini learn to emulate such a visceral call of the wild. Maybe in the SI Choir?

John...the ball from the circus seal just landed in your court. Fess up, Bro.


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