01/14/21 - posted by Mary-Ann

Fog - This morning when I went out to pick up the newspaper I was met with ground-hugging fog here in Carmichael - just north of Sacramento. How that jolted my memory back to the '40s to those days of walking to Washington High with my best friends. Jackie lived on Anza near 39th - Clare, on 40th around the corner - Joan, on 39th, just across Geary - Joanne on Geary near 40th and me - on 39th down the hills to Fulton. We all met at Jackie's and every day trooped down Anza to the school and then back home again. Rain or shine - or fog, it had been us since grammar school at Lafayette - through meeting at 39th and Geary to Presidio and then, to Washington. They are all gone now, but still live on in my heart and memory.

We haven't had any fog at all for some time and I guess I have been missing it. Looks like it will be hanging around all day. I'm missing the faint sound of the surf floating in with the fog!

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