• 12/19/20 Dec. 7, Pearl Harbor Day - posted by Ken Lewetzow

Dec. 7, Pearl Harbor Day

12/19/20 - posted by Ken Lewetzow

I was surprised by the dearth of input on December 7, Pearl Harbor Day. Usually, there are multiple entries-sometimes with the theme LET'S REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR, AS WE GO ON TO VICTORY ( the song promoting U S War Bond sales )

Assumably, with COVID deaths in the U S mounting to more than 3000 per day, the equivalent of a PEARL HARBOR-every day! ---we have become distracted and somewhat overwhelmed. The human and financial toll will surely exceed that of WWII. Additionally, the coming financial burden of unpaid rent and bills is going to leave people scarred for a long time- -similar to those after the great depression of 1933.
Hopefully, the new vaccine will clear the way to return to normal life in the spring/summer.

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