10/09/20 - posted by Candis Smyk Hurlbut
Hit the wrong button, so here I am...sorry this "freeloader" (whose contribution last year in memory of Paul Rosenburg was never acknowledged with an even an email, let alone a receipt) remembers Jack LaLane very well. I mentioned years ago on a previous post how his positive attitude on on one of these posts helped me so much when I was homesick for my former Eastcoast home as well how watching his program and then walking around in the fog afterwards helped me cope. (I try not to mention how my disfunctional family contributed to my years of depression, which was healed without prescriptions, or nonprescriptions; It is possible, but difficult to manage, but I did.) Jack helped a still little girl find hope. It took years, but his "Don't say you can't until you prove you can't" made a lasting impression. When I feel overwhelmed, I remember to consider I haven't proved I can't, so I should at least begin. Usually, I succeed much more than I fail. I face more and more challenges as I age along, but I still try to prove I can rather than assume I can't. Do not give up, you just might succeed, and then you have proved you can!

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