Re: Lands End/ Sutro Baths “shell mounds”

10/15/20 - posted by Rick

Yeah if you notice the sanctioned foot path of the whole area it diverts you away from the zones in question. If looked at those maps and thought the same thing and never found more info so I went out there. There are areas now overgrown With trees near the cliffs edge. There is a sign saying stay on the trail and was another interpretative exhibit refers to native habitats and those people’s and there shell mounds. Which was rudely torn down. To preserve and protect it They even went so far as to cover some of the areas with tarps so they do not erode out there any more. But yes also below the Morrissey Family lookout station

But there’s definitely an area well beyond the touristy area referred to above which was north of the bath ruins and somewhere below the lookouts. I can’t say exactly on here.
But it’s great real estate so unfortunately their are folks with tents and squatters very near the area the last time I checked and honestly if you don’t know what you’re looking for you’ll never see it but there are definitely stories from my old Kelly’s cove outer Richmond veteran surfer friends who hung out and played music in the octagon house semaphore station out there at lands end.

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