Re: San Francisco Model

08/21/20 - posted by Paul Judge

Norm, I'm ready for 6's and 7's.

Yup, the Army Corps of Engineers Hydraulic Model of the San Francisco Bay Estuary is indeed a great engineering and educational resource. Currently it is closed due to the pandemic. Here's the website:

When it opened in the mid fifties and our family visited the model I anticipated seeing features and details such as a model railroad layout. I was vastly disappointed that only the Golden Gate and SF-Oakland Bay Bridges were featured and out at the SF Bar the Lightship floated with blinking lamp. With maturity I came to realize that this vast scale working hydraulic model gave scientists and engineers a scale grasp of the workings of the Sacramento/San Joaquin River Delta and Estuary of San Francisco Bay. This model is one of only two such scaled models attempted by the Corps of Engineers. In these times all the metrics poured into such an effort is done with computer simulation. Also housed on site is a small but mighty tribute to Marinship shipyard and the civilians who produced tankers during WW II.

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