Re: c.1960 Video of the 49-Mile Drive

08/13/20 - posted by Paul Judge

The Bay Area Television Archives has a trove of good stuff to look through. There is plenty for San Franciscans of a certain age to remember watching this time piece about the 49-Mile Drive. A modestly contoured City skyline, street uncluttered by parked cars, the period vehicles themselves, and glimpses of businesses now long gone. In their narration writer Larry Russell and Jerry Jensen get their stuff right referencing at 1:44 ‘Bakers Beach’ as it was commonly called and referred by San Franciscans. As the tour descends from the Legion of Honor they make a rare historical reference to the Potters field, Chinese and Italian cemeteries that the Lincoln Park Golf Course is built over. They do confuse Mission Dolores Park for McLaren Park and a jab is made about the Embarcadero Freeway obstructing the Ferry Building and Market Street slashes diagonally for 3 miles across the City. But the strangest ‘Easter Egg’, and I hope you listen for it, is at 14:57 while descending from Twin Peaks. The voice over describes how the 49 Mile Drive is an important attraction for 'visiting tourists and fireman’!? Anyone care to explain this?

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