Re: c.1960 Video of the 49-Mile Drive

08/23/20 - posted by John Martini

Denny nailed the time period for this video. For a brief second the camera follows a car driving up Polk St. from the Maritime Museum, and I was hoping to catch a glimpse of the historic Fontana Warehouse building at Polk & North Point.

Shucks, there was nothing on the corner except for a construction fence around the site. Work must have been in progress on the much-reviled, view-blocking Fontana East building. But the absence of both structures helps narrow the date of the documentary.

Since the historic Fontana Warehouse was demolished in early 1962 and the Fontana East tower completed in 1963, Denny's estimate for filming in late 1962 to early '63 is bang on.

Good sleuthing!

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