UCSF Zakheim murals

08/05/20 - posted by Elissa Calvin - elissacalvin<at>gmail.com

Thank you for your excellent podcast about the endangered Zakheim murals at the UCSF Parnassus campus. I too think it would be a devastating loss for these to be destroyed. And it is really lame how UCSF did such a turnaround on their stance on the murals. They went from keeping the building and the murals to, never mind, destroy the whole building! I think that lawyers got involved. :(

You said that the public can comment on the plans...where do we do that? Is there anyone we can directly write to about it?

I like Woody's idea of keeping the murals and having it be more of a community space open to the public. I would love to see them (I am a big fan of WPA era murals and work in general) and seeing them in digital form will NOT do them justice.

Thank you!

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