Re: Not Funny

07/30/20 - posted by Kevin Brady

Now youse are barking up the RIGHT tree in my bailiwick.
To definitively answer Mr. Brown's query "Funny, Not Funny?"...Yes and No.
THERE I said it.
As Mose Allison sings "...Ever since the world ended...", or in this case since March, I've stayed home and dealt with the accumulated stuff of a lifetime among which are my pile of comics, comix, cartoons and related books. I've bought MORE books on the subject (it's not hoarding if it's books ,eh?) one of which I highly recommend to history buffs of a comical bent, SCREWBALL! by Paul C. Tumey. The other side of the spectrum I've revisited my Underground Comix.
I will return with more from those thrilling days of yesteryear.
Stay tuned!

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