Re: Funny, Not Funny, FUN

07/27/20 - posted by Charles Brown

Words of magnanimous thanks to Mr. Macfarlane and Mr. Judge for their nostalgic retrospectives and redirection to currently available comedic sources.

And a special thanks to Mr. Tessler for his treatise on tattooing, having long forgotten this art-form and relying more on the abstract renderings of the Silly Puddy print.
I now have an exact likeness of the Dragon Lady from Terry and the Pirates on my neck which pulsates if I get too excited and my blood pressure increases. Given the current job market, I figure this act of daring do will certainly not hamper my chances for reemployment any time soon. My next bold move may be to imprint Blondie on my bicep and watch her dance the hoochie-coochie as I flex. Suddenly, sheltering in place doesn’t seem so grim and futile.

Thank you, gentlemen, for your insights and directions.

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