Re: Not Funny, Monday's supply of Funny

08/05/20 - posted by Mister Snoid

Ironic that my first expose to the comics was while getting a haircut. And my last exposure was when I stopped cutting my hair.

It was 1967 and a new genre of underground “comix” began to surface from San Francisco with a corral of characters, the likes of which I’d never seen: The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, Mr. Natural and Fritz the Cat found there way to my funny-bone and rocked my world. The art work was exceptional and the dialogs designed for a mind in an altered state. And the erotic anthropomorphism was reason alone for a 16 year-old boy to spend hours pouring over the work of R. Crumb. Who couldn’t love a feline, strutting in heels and rocking a miniskirt. WonderWoman paled in comparison. It was as if Alfred E. Newman took peyote.

Do any of you recall getting Zapped by those Pervert Pirates or Ruby and the Dykes?

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