• 07/19/20 Shoestring Radio Theatre is Alive and Well in San Francisco’s Richmond District - posted by Paul Judge

Shoestring Radio Theatre is Alive and Well in San Francisco’s Richmond District

07/19/20 - posted by Paul Judge

Every WNPeer knows or certainly should know of the almost 400 Podcasts (the latest #388 https://www.outsidelands.org/podcast/WNP388_Richmond_Theatres
is about the 4 Star Theater @ 23rd & Clement St. ) that Woody, David and Nicole and their guests have produced for eons now. Check it out because in this podcast Nicole and David announce lots of new and cool WNP news and events.

Bet though most folks, like myself, didn’t realize that radio theater remains alive and thriving in the Richmond District. 'The Richmond Review/Sunset Beacon - News for San Francisco’s Richmond and Sunset District’ posted on On July 15, 2020, 'Shoestring Radio Theatre is Alive and Well in San Francisco’s Richmond District"


"Shoestring Radio Theatre, which has been producing radio shows for 32 years, is not letting COVID-19 get in the way of providing radio drama for fans of the art (and there are many). 'We are producing shows remotely while staying at home. Upcoming projects include a day in the life of The Mona Lisa narrated by the grand lady herself as well as a radio interview with the author of the book “Die With Exercise.” "Shoestring Radio Theatre started on the campus of UC Berkeley on KALX radio. We moved over to KUSF in the Richmond District in 1991 and went national in 1993 on the Public Radio Satellite System which is carried by public radio stations around the country. When USF decided to sell their radio station, we became part of what became KXSF-LP 102.5 FM – San Francisco Community Radio. In addition, listeners can enjoy our plays on our website”. I think the photograph alone of founding producer Monica Sullivan at age 8 is well worth pulling up the link to the article.


Hey Arnold Woods, as an old KALX broadcaster yourself (as a cub reporter Arnold was summoned to interview a notorious convicted murderer), the Shoestring Theatre sounds like it is right up your alley. In addition to leading WNP neighborhood tours and composing fascinating articles you could add your broadcast chops to the ears of listeners imagination through Shoestring Radio Theater.

And, if all 7 readers to this post want to share memories of listening to broadcasts of radio theater before the advent of the 'Boob Tube’, have at it!

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